Wednesday, July 30, 2008


lets get back to sum funny shit......yall heard this...?????

Monday, July 28, 2008

the vent: no beats cds!

yoooo people
welcome to THE VENT:

i got a million and one beats.... and i plan on makin more....

but niggaz is abusing the beat cds.... so therefore.... no more beat cds for artists at the moment....

i got 14 different projects dam near completed.... lots of shit!!!!!
(gangrene) the alchemist and oh no, team getem produced by pete rock, oh no solo shit, sum new inst series, mixtapes...producing a prince po lp!!...and a gang of other lps ill talk about a lil later

what i dont have time for is cats throwin new or unreleased shit on they mixtapes, lps, podcasts, or myspaces without sayin nothin.... some things i wouldnt give a shit about.... but cmon, if i sold a beat 4 years ago, and that beat came out 4 years ago, im not tryin to see it resurface on a new 2008 lp... got people thinkin im sellin same beat twice........woooooooorrddddddd???

(i wouldnt do that even if i only had a half a crate of records and a casio keyboard)

no time for cats giving songs out to Internet sites without proper mixes n shit....

no time for artsts throwing wack singers on songs soundin crazy n shit tryin to blow up.... maaaaaaaaaaannnnnn

cardinal sins!!!!! and please believe... none of that shit gets a pass......

signin out on the VENT

OH muthafuckin NO

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

official facebook

this is my official facebook yall....add me in

oh no the disrupt facebook