Sunday, March 15, 2009

nintendo world

yooooo if u can come party with us... celebrate the launch of Grand theft auto: CHINATOWN WARS!!!!!!

whats included....

When the doors open, the first 100 fans will be rewarded with exclusive collectible gear including Grand Theft Auto Kubrick sets, custom DS-Lites and limited-edition Rockstar apparel.

ima be on the ones and twos playin some new exclusive shit..... u know we keeps it RAW...

LETS PARTY!!! check it out... nintendo world store

dont sleeeeep!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

GRAND THEFT AUTO chinatown wars update!

woooow lots of shit crackin... mybad been so buzy....

so here we go.....

big shouts to dj premier for the debut of the new joint....
chinatown wars feat ghostface and mf doom...

The original song and its remix will be available on iTunes with game launch next week on Tuesday, March 17th.

grand theft auto shit.... lets gooo!!!!

more info check out....Rockstar Games

Sunday, March 1, 2009

mtv commercial super magic!!!!

big shouts to the homie mos def...

check out this mtv clip... snippet of super magic

Thursday, February 26, 2009


big shouts to the homies at rockstar games...

This game is gonna be BEZERK!!!!!!!! grand theft for the nintendo ds....

stay tuned for more...

BRAND NEW....ghostface and doom produced by oh no


Monday, February 9, 2009

happy bday j dilla

happy bday to j dilla!!!! u live forever thru the music...we will always play it louder and turn it up everyday in honor of u...

i was going thru youtube and decided to put up some j dilla songs that are very personal to me in no chronological order....

leeetttsss goooooo

jaylib ft frank n dank
mcnasty filth

i met jay dee in the camper tearin up some donuts... he showed me mad love... he was telling me about one of my records and was like waddup u wanna smoke? sheeeeiitt i was like hell yeah... wildchild let us smoke and we just was good from the jump... we exchanged numbers and it was on from there!!!! that whole day was its a madlib beat with dilla spittin... siiiccccck!!!!
big shout to frank and dank!!!

j dilla ft team getem

woooooooooooooowww... this one had me trippin.. too ill!!!! this beat was something else... first thing i thought was pandemonium... this shit is sick... mad raw... wreak havok on the lands, smack the ground and cause a earthquake type shit... this is one of the songs me and roc c recorded while workin with dilla... one of the earlier joints... he used to lace us with beats and put us on to how the game works... maaaddd o. g. we would smoke crazzzy and play him the new joints.. hed be like.. dam i gotta get yaall some more shiiit...
my man
dilla dawg!!!

jay dee
fuck the police

i heard this song on tour with the lootpack back in 2001... i remember i was in Copenhagen when i came across it... i couldnt stop playin it... i was bangin the shit outta that song!!! 1, 2, 3....FUCK THE POLICE, yeah fuckem... that was some cold shit... and the loop, the music, the bassline, drums, cmonnnnn...bananassss!!!!

j dilla ft team getem

i got this beat tape from egon at stones throw... and i heard this beat... immediately hit egon up... i need this one... waddup with this one... did anybody grab that... he was like ill find out... its good... i jumped in the whip and smashed to rocs crib... i wrote the verse on the way there maaaad hype... i asked him to jump on this with me... we knocked it out that day!!! sent it to dilla and it was a wrap... he even jumped on the song so we made a pt 2... and was down to be in the video... and it was hellllla deeeeep!!!!! we got lost mad
much respect to ma dukes on being in the video love forever...

j dilla ft med

yoooooo i had fun on this set.... i got to be the dj for it was cool just being on the set with dilla, bobo, med and the homeys... special r.i.p. to the homey lil scandal... the females was walkin around doin it extra big... good vibes all around... stunts, blunts and hip hop... lets gooooo!

j dilla

self explanatory... wild.. everybody that knows me, knows i like raw shit... that shit is some of the rawest shit u gonna here.... maaaaad raaawwww.... blew my mind when i heard it.... wooooooooooo... that's that shit!!!!

much respect big brother in heaven, u will never be forgotten,

on behalf of ox city... we wanna say
we love u and rest in peace

j dilla

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the change is here

congrats to the new president Barack....

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Samon Kawamura feat. Oh No - Right Here

yoooooooooooooooo make sure yalll cop this...

samon came with the sick beat!!!!! hollllllaaaaa!!!

for more info check here

fist of legend VIDEO mix

dr. no -action

Fist of Legends.....

bigups to mtheory420 for the video mix!!!!

r.i.p. party arty

my condolences go out to the family, D.I.T.C. and friends of party arty... party arty was in the ghetto dwellas and was a beast on the rhymes... rest in peace......

check here....
p. 80

Saturday, November 29, 2008

oneness off juju 1

oh no vs oneness of juju

some leaks i found on youtube...

new dem damb jacksons

check it out

big shout to my texan partner kay of the foundation

make sure yall support that newness too!!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

ld and ariano - voodoo

new joint by ld and ariano
produced by oh nizzile

check it out

Thursday, November 27, 2008

street fighter hd update

OUT NOW!!!!!!!

on ps3 right now.....14.99

holla at ur boy ohnothedisrupt.... so i can whoop some ass!!!!

big ups to the homey John!!! shit is craaazzzyyy!!!!

yoooo also big shout to the O.G. funk doc for blessing that!!! i made that beat outta guiles stage... on some blunted street fighter shit!!!

also..... a lil info

Additionally, Capcom’s direct-to-download music album of hip-hop tracks inspired by the Street Fighter series. Street Fighter Underground Remix will go live today and will feature the musical flavor of artists such as DJ Qbert, Hieroglyphics, Redman, Oh No, DJ Toure, Mistah FAB and ZION I. Each artist has produced a Street Fighter tribute track that will be free of charge and exclusive to the PlayStation Network. You can check out the tracks by visiting: capcom unity

Monday, November 24, 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008

the click is sick


new trailer from the transcontinental (Roc C and Nemo a.k.a. IMAKEMADBEATS)


for more info check out
the transcontinental

Big shouts to butta verses, midaz the beast, and AMIAM


im baaaaaccck!!!!!! its been a minute since i been on the blog.... Lots of shit goin on!!!! New albums, New games, New weeds! new phones..... and sum true blood... does anybody know wherei can i score sum of that V!!!!!

aiight!!! first off!!!

R.I.P to dolemite.... i was on tour when rudy ray moore passed...
yooo the last 5 months i been workin on a project using rudys music for a new lp... it will be out in 09' on traffic records... i made over 40 beats for this project... mad cats been blessin the lp with sick shit.. so far i got myself, roc c, chino xl, guilty simpson, med, sticky fingaz, wildchild, prozack turner, damani, and a few other special guests i talk about when the lp gets closer!!!!

heres some clips for all the cats that dont know wasssup....

ayooooo follow me this way....

step 1...

throw some shoes on that bitch before u take a walk... u just might run into gangrene !!!!!!

JAN 09'

its almost here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dr no signing outro!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


lets get back to sum funny shit......yall heard this...?????

Monday, July 28, 2008

the vent: no beats cds!

yoooo people
welcome to THE VENT:

i got a million and one beats.... and i plan on makin more....

but niggaz is abusing the beat cds.... so therefore.... no more beat cds for artists at the moment....

i got 14 different projects dam near completed.... lots of shit!!!!!
(gangrene) the alchemist and oh no, team getem produced by pete rock, oh no solo shit, sum new inst series, mixtapes...producing a prince po lp!!...and a gang of other lps ill talk about a lil later

what i dont have time for is cats throwin new or unreleased shit on they mixtapes, lps, podcasts, or myspaces without sayin nothin.... some things i wouldnt give a shit about.... but cmon, if i sold a beat 4 years ago, and that beat came out 4 years ago, im not tryin to see it resurface on a new 2008 lp... got people thinkin im sellin same beat twice........woooooooorrddddddd???

(i wouldnt do that even if i only had a half a crate of records and a casio keyboard)

no time for cats giving songs out to Internet sites without proper mixes n shit....

no time for artsts throwing wack singers on songs soundin crazy n shit tryin to blow up.... maaaaaaaaaaannnnnn

cardinal sins!!!!! and please believe... none of that shit gets a pass......

signin out on the VENT

OH muthafuckin NO