Thursday, November 20, 2008


im baaaaaccck!!!!!! its been a minute since i been on the blog.... Lots of shit goin on!!!! New albums, New games, New weeds! new phones..... and sum true blood... does anybody know wherei can i score sum of that V!!!!!

aiight!!! first off!!!

R.I.P to dolemite.... i was on tour when rudy ray moore passed...
yooo the last 5 months i been workin on a project using rudys music for a new lp... it will be out in 09' on traffic records... i made over 40 beats for this project... mad cats been blessin the lp with sick shit.. so far i got myself, roc c, chino xl, guilty simpson, med, sticky fingaz, wildchild, prozack turner, damani, and a few other special guests i talk about when the lp gets closer!!!!

heres some clips for all the cats that dont know wasssup....

ayooooo follow me this way....

step 1...

throw some shoes on that bitch before u take a walk... u just might run into gangrene !!!!!!

JAN 09'

its almost here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dr no signing outro!!

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