Monday, February 9, 2009

happy bday j dilla

happy bday to j dilla!!!! u live forever thru the music...we will always play it louder and turn it up everyday in honor of u...

i was going thru youtube and decided to put up some j dilla songs that are very personal to me in no chronological order....

leeetttsss goooooo

jaylib ft frank n dank
mcnasty filth

i met jay dee in the camper tearin up some donuts... he showed me mad love... he was telling me about one of my records and was like waddup u wanna smoke? sheeeeiitt i was like hell yeah... wildchild let us smoke and we just was good from the jump... we exchanged numbers and it was on from there!!!! that whole day was its a madlib beat with dilla spittin... siiiccccck!!!!
big shout to frank and dank!!!

j dilla ft team getem

woooooooooooooowww... this one had me trippin.. too ill!!!! this beat was something else... first thing i thought was pandemonium... this shit is sick... mad raw... wreak havok on the lands, smack the ground and cause a earthquake type shit... this is one of the songs me and roc c recorded while workin with dilla... one of the earlier joints... he used to lace us with beats and put us on to how the game works... maaaddd o. g. we would smoke crazzzy and play him the new joints.. hed be like.. dam i gotta get yaall some more shiiit...
my man
dilla dawg!!!

jay dee
fuck the police

i heard this song on tour with the lootpack back in 2001... i remember i was in Copenhagen when i came across it... i couldnt stop playin it... i was bangin the shit outta that song!!! 1, 2, 3....FUCK THE POLICE, yeah fuckem... that was some cold shit... and the loop, the music, the bassline, drums, cmonnnnn...bananassss!!!!

j dilla ft team getem

i got this beat tape from egon at stones throw... and i heard this beat... immediately hit egon up... i need this one... waddup with this one... did anybody grab that... he was like ill find out... its good... i jumped in the whip and smashed to rocs crib... i wrote the verse on the way there maaaad hype... i asked him to jump on this with me... we knocked it out that day!!! sent it to dilla and it was a wrap... he even jumped on the song so we made a pt 2... and was down to be in the video... and it was hellllla deeeeep!!!!! we got lost mad
much respect to ma dukes on being in the video love forever...

j dilla ft med

yoooooo i had fun on this set.... i got to be the dj for it was cool just being on the set with dilla, bobo, med and the homeys... special r.i.p. to the homey lil scandal... the females was walkin around doin it extra big... good vibes all around... stunts, blunts and hip hop... lets gooooo!

j dilla

self explanatory... wild.. everybody that knows me, knows i like raw shit... that shit is some of the rawest shit u gonna here.... maaaaad raaawwww.... blew my mind when i heard it.... wooooooooooo... that's that shit!!!!

much respect big brother in heaven, u will never be forgotten,

on behalf of ox city... we wanna say
we love u and rest in peace

j dilla

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Selph said...

Move and Push are disrespectful.. that shit bangs out.