Friday, January 11, 2008

new wildchild in stores now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NEW lp from Wildchild of the lootpack

procuction by...Madlib, Black Milk, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Lab Technicians, Kev Brown, Quiroga, Astroblack, wildchild, and Oh NIZZILE!!!!

and feat....prince po, med, souls of mischief, georgia anne muldrow, mc lyte, masta ace, percee p, special ed, frank n' dank and oh nuckle!!!!

i got 2 joints on here
da herc dance and rest in beats

heres "da herc dance" and a piece of the inst...

MAKE SURE YALL GO COP THAT ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

for more info check the
wildchild myspace.....


Radiogirl said...
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samo said...

I know this is off-topic, but fuck, I just listened to that Dr. No 2 speak peak! AHH, crazy! I want it NOW!

Thanks for putting that up their though. I've been craving for some more Dr. No ever since the first one dropped.

So, is number 2 gonna be all psych again like the first one? Cos I read in an interview that you have another psych one like the first one, but also an African juju style one?! God, you have to convince PB Wolf to release that shit as well! All though you said in the interview that he wanted to release that one first, so it looks like the chances of it coming out are high. Just a matter of time.

Radiogirl said...

lovin this. waitin for you next project ... yeah.