Thursday, February 7, 2008

r u ready to fly the cosmos...crazy

i forgot to add this a minute bizzile!!!! all this talk of global warming, presidents, and stuff had me side tracked....on some star wars shit!!!!

has anybody seen this....

they say $200,000 dollars can get u a seat and a flight outta here!!!!
word to the o zone... i guess some people feel its almost time to gooooo!!!!!

Moon or MARS? or even them moons on jupiter and saturn... capital CRRRAAZZZYYYY

for more info on this!!!!
check here
there goes the neighborhood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mary James said...

Hmmm… interesting Dr. No. I would go to the moon because unicorns live there (no laughing) I love unicorns!

I am on some social conciousness too! My friend Sol Guy has a new TV series which features Mos Def, Cameron Diaz and MIA check it out at I am going to get involved and take ACTION because my parents are from developing nations in the Caribbean and I feel blessed to have been raised with opportunities Canada.